144 Inspirational Quotes: From My Higherself to Yours

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He finds himself in the heaven of a serene, infinite bliss.

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He learns that he could always have entered it; only his insistence on holding to the little egoistic values, his lack of thought-control, and his disobedience to the age-old advice of the Great Teachers prevented him from doing so. Its very presence in our hearts makes always possible and sometimes actual the precious feeling of a non-material sublimely happy order of being. But if he insists on thinking that it is any of these things, there is no other course open than to take the appropriate action, make the necessary effort, for such achievement.

His labours are really self-imposed, a consequence of incorrect thought about himself. The true answer is that it is neither. This state has always been existent within us, is so now, and always will be. It is forever with us simply because it is what we really are. This leads to a tremendous but inescapable conclusion. We are as near to, or as much in, the real Self, the Overself, at every moment of every day as we ever shall be. All we need is awareness of it. He bears that presence ever within him and one day must reconcile himself willingly, knowingly, even yearningly, with it.

But if the call does not go forth, or goes forth without faith, or is not sustained with patience, the response will not come. No one is forsaken except those who look only to, and into, the ego, and even then only for a time. A divine ray, atom, soul, call it what you wish, is present in each of us. Some are aware of this, others must one day come to this knowledge. If he does not receive awareness of this fact in his mind, that is because he makes no proper and sustained effort to do so.

Have enough faith in your divine heritage, take it into your common everyday life and thought, and in some way, to some people, you will become very significant and important.

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Even the desire to unite with the Overself was only a dream, and consequently all lesser desires of the ego were merely dreams within a dream. This is why religion, mysticism, and philosophy have so hard a battle to fight in these times, a battle against man's inevitable incredulity. Most of them have given it a historical interpretation.

Overcoming Obstacles Quotes

Only those who could approach the mind of Jesus have given it a mystical interpretation. For only they can see that he meant that the kingdom of the Overself is really as close to us as is our own hand. All such argument is useless when it starts from different planes of knowledge and the arguers never really meet each other. Everywhere, too, the sage sees the Overself waiting, always present, for them to turn from themselves to It. These exist uninterruptedly, even in apparently subconscious forms like deep sleep and swoon.

Yet he denies this share of his in the Real Being, identifies with the body instead of making it merely an object of awareness. It would be better to say that each man first feels the Overself--when he does have the good fortune to feel it--as residing within his heart, but the result of further development is to show him that the contrary, although a paradox, is also correct, which is that he resides in the Overself! But each return gives him a glimpse which he calls a grace. This is why it is quite possible for every man to have a direct glimpse of the truth about his own inward non-materiality.

Therefore, no man is bereft of the divine presence within himself. All men have the possibility of discovering this fact. And with it they will discover their real selfhood, their true individuality. There is no human entity in whom a divine soul is not present in secret. Everyone passes through it in fellowship with his higher self. That such fellowship is, in most cases, an unconscious one, is not enough to nullify it. That men may deny in faith or conduct even the very existence of their soul is likewise not enough to nullify it.

But this is only a surface impression in the person's thought, for the Overself is always present. No one is ever left out. This is the only God we can hope to know, the true Teacher for all. Those who yearn to unite with it should plead persistently for its Grace. These include some amount of mental preparation and moral purification, some clear perception of the fact that the Overself is present here and now, an instant and constant remembrance of this fact, and finally a willingness to trust completely to its providential help, supply, and support no matter how undesirable or intolerable a situation seems to be.

But few give it.

Angel Numbers and What They Tell Us - Beliefnet

If it would only announce itself more loudly! But mankind has to accept its ways on its own terms. Those who wish may learn what they are. By finding it in ourselves, we rise above the common human life as that in turn rises above the animal. It is there but waits to be recovered by the individual consciousness. This done, he can go about his daily business anywhere and everywhere.

For the very purpose of these last two is to draw him to seek and find the soul. While pearl that in a shell Of dark mortality is made to dwell, Alas, while common gems we prize and hoard Thy inestimable worth is still ignored! Anybody who has so misunderstood the message in my books as to believe differently, is mistaken. It is a Presence --sublime, sacred, and beneficent--which grips your heart, thought, and body by its own mysterious power, making you regard life from a nobler standpoint.

If we do not come into the full experience of its existence, all our religion is a mere surface emotionalism, all our metaphysics a mocking intellectualism. Consequently you will never be at a loss to know what to do in difficult moral situations, nor how to behave in challenging ones. And with this knowledge will also come the power to implement it. The holding on to that presence wherever he goes and whatever he does as if it were his real identity, will help to establish that release as a lasting fact.

It provides a sense of inner satisfaction that is complete in itself and irrespective of outside circumstances. It soothes, restores, heals, instructs, guides, and replaces chaos and tumult by orderliness and harmony.

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Some believe that a cosmic consciousness develops, with an all-knowing intelligence and an "all-overish" feeling. They regard it as unity with the whole universe. Others assert that there is a complete loss of the ego, an utter destruction of the personal self. No--these are confused notions of what actually occurs. The Overself is not a collective entity as though it were composed of a number of particles. One's embrace of other human beings through it is not in union with them but only in sympathy, not in psychic identification with them but in psychic harmony.

He has enlarged the area of his vision and sees himself as a part of mankind.

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But this does not mean that he has become conscious of all mankind as though they were himself. The true unity is with one's own higher indestructible self. It is still with a higher individuality, not a cosmic one, and it is still with one's own self, not with the rest of mankind. Unity with them is neither mystically nor practically possible.

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What we discover is discovered by a deepening of consciousness, not by a widening of it. Hence it is not so much a wider as a deeper self that he has first to find. With the rectification of this error, we may find the correct answer to the question: "What is the practical meaning of the injunction laid by all the great spiritual teachers upon their followers, to give up the ego, to renounce the self?

It does not ask for an utter impossibility, in the sense that we are never to attend to our own affairs at all. It does not ask for a useless absurdity, in the sense that we are to become oblivious of our very existence.

50 Inspirational Quotes for When Your Mood Could Use a Boost

On the contrary, it asks for what is wise, practicable, and worthwhile--that we give up our lower personality to our higher individuality. Thus it is not that the aspirant is asked to abandon all thought of his particular self as if he could or to lose consciousness of it, but that he is asked to perceive its imperfection, its unsatisfactoriness, its faultiness, its baseness and its sinfulness and, in consequence of this perception, to give it up in favour of his higher self, with its perfection, blessedness, goodness, nobility, and wisdom.

For in the lower ego he will never know peace whereas in the diviner one he will always know it. It provides meaning for life.